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When does a newborn sleep? Quand un nouveau-né fait-il ses nuits?

Parents need to be well rested in order to able to take care of their little bundle of joy. In most families in Mauritius and Rodrigues, one of the two parents will be working and one will be staying at home to take care of the little one, especially during the first three months. The person who is at home will most likely be the mother, and dad is the one who is going to work.

As is the case in many homes in Mauritius and Rodrigues, a lot of parents will get a helping hand from grandparents and other family members, in some cases there may even be a nanny. However, as the primary caregiver is usually mom, she is the one that will have to get up at all hours to feed the little one, especially if she is breastfeeding. And until the little one starts sleeping for a greater length of time at night this will take its toll. 

Keep in mind if you are well rested you will be more alert and better able to take care of your little one. So both mom and dad need to get their sleep too. 

Advice to young mothers

At PARENTS.MU we would like to make a couple of suggestions. Feel free to add your personal suggestions in our comments box below.

  • Sleep when the baby is sleeping. During the first three months the baby will be up at all hours. Sleep and wake up at the same pattern as the baby. This will help you to better cope for a while. 


  • Should the baby’s grandparents be staying with you or you with them, they should rest too and not wake up at night when the little one is up. That way they can take over during the day allowing you to rest. 


  • Do not underestimate the power of a nap. This will allow your body and brain to recuperate. 


  • In Mauritius and Rodrigues, keeping the house and yard tidy is usually of the highest priority, whilst you are horrified that the house en desord it is best you rest and attend to yourself during your baby’s downtime.

You will never be fully rested, that will come with time when you start weaning your baby and it sleeps for a full night. Meanwhile steal some sleep as best as you can. 

Bonne nuit.

Advice to Dad

A couple of tips on how you can help your lady out:

  • Dad can allow mom to sleep for a bit longer while he changes a wet diaper.


  • Once feeding is done dad can put the little one back to sleep.


  • If you are giving formula, dad can wake up and do the honours.